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James (Jim) Frankenfield - Physics Videos

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Physics Videos

I have a few videos on youtubeOpens in New Window. If you find them helpful please like the video and the channel and it will encourage me to make more. You can also suggest or request a topic via my contact page. I will consider requests but at the moment cannot make too many videos too quickly.

The title links on this page go to a detailed description page for that video on my site, and you can go to the youtube video from there. Or you can find it on my Youtube ChannelOpens in New Window.

All Videos - Math, Engineering and Physics

Physics Tutoring (and General Tutoring Information)

Current videos on Physics topics and problems:

Video #01 - Physics - Projectile Motion

This covers the "William Tell Problem" and projectile motion. One solution uses the simple range formula and the second uses the equations of kinematics from first-principles. More...

Problem #04 - Physics - Compression in a Beam (Basic Statics)

This problem solution finds the compression in an angled boom supporting a cable with a load. The torque on the boom is also easily found along with the compression. Requires some trigonometry and/or vector analysis. More...

Problem #10 - A Projectile problem which defies the laws of physics

This problem was probably written by a math teacher expecting students to fit a parabola to two given points. Unfortunately it was cast as a kinematics problem which ultimately assumes g=1.088 and not 9.8. More...

Video #08 - An Introduction to Center of Mass

This is a web version of a 20 minute invited lecture given for a school. It describes center of mass and it's relevance and then solves three problems of different types. More...