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James (Jim) Frankenfield - Tutoring Services

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Physics Tutoring

I offer Physics Tutoring and teaching with an emphasis on problem solving. My forte is college level physics which includes IB Physics, A-Level Physics, AP Physics and of course actual college STEM Physics. Both algebra and calculus based.

I can also tutor first courses which are based more on formulas than problem-solving. And I can tutor certain higher undergraduate college courses such as Electromagnetic Theory and Modern Physics.

For more about my tutoring in general follow the link at the top or on the side to the main tutoring page. To get started you can contact me via the link above.

Free Resources

I am slowly adding to my YouTube channel collection of videos - both instructional and problem solutions. I now have an index to specifically physics related videos. I also maintain a free help group on Facebook where questions and problems are welcome. At this time I am able to answer all or almost all posts although that is not guaranteed in the future if there is more activity. (Others are welcome to post replies as well.) And I've contributed on various math help groups on Facebook for quite some time where I tend to respond to harder questions and physics questions when others are not able to.

My Physics Background

I took AP Physics in high school and received credit for 2 semesters of physics at RPI. (I did this without taking calculus since I had already taught myself calculus prior to Grade 12.)

After working in engineering (in computer design, semiconductors, and rocket motors) for a few years and becoming bored I returned to graduate school at Utah State University in the Physics department. I co-taught the Physics 1 course for STEM students (primarily in engineering) with Prof. Farrell Edwards. (Farrell co-authored the edition of the famous text Halliday and Resnick in use at that time.) The course was extremely popular with the College of Engineering because their students entering the professional program were extraordinarily well prepared.

I also taught a graduate course at USU on semiconductor process and fabrication physics for the Electrical Engineering department. My own graduate studies concentrated on the physics of seasonal snow and avalanches although I have always retained a strong interest in semiconductor device and process physics.

I also received a second graduate degree in Mathematics.

I have taught high school and university physics, managed a university "help desk" for math and physics, and done consulting related to snow avalanches for structural engineers, developer due diligence, and insurance claims.