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If you were expecting a flashy marketing site, well, sorry to disappoint you but I do all my own server and website work. And I am not so good at flashy marketing but very focused on academics and competency. If that's what you're looking for you are in the right place! In addition to information about my private tutoring services you will also find some sources of free help here - videos, problem solutions, links to free help groups I participate in, and more.

Now Available for Private Tutoring

I offer math tutoring, physics tutoring and engineering tutoring at levels from middle school through university. (Specializing in high school, AP and A-Level, and university levels.) For details see my tutoring pages. While I do not tutor or teach English in general I am available for Legal English, which I taught at the University of Georgia Law School for 5 years, and conversational English.

I also offer a variety of courses, both academic and continuing/community education.

If you are interested in discussing any of my tutoring or educational services, or have any questions about materials in the "academic library", feel free to contact me.

I have been active on the internet since about 1994 and you will find links to most of my other web sites and web presence in the About Me section, along with my CV and other background information.

Use the menu on the left to go explore my tutoring services, my academic library of videos, exams and problems, my background, or my tutoring blog. Or to contact me.


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