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James (Jim) Frankenfield - Tutoring Services

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Conversational, Legal and Technical English

I do not tutor general English, grammar, or test IELTS/ToEFL preparation. However, I do offer conversational English through small conversational groups as well as Legal English, Scientific English and Technical English. I generally require students in these areas to be at the B2 level or above, perhaps B1 as an absolute minimum in some cases.

My Background

I have been living in Tbilisi, Georgia for almost 10 years and am a permanent resident. (Wow, time flies!) As an American living here I was often asked to teach English privately in my earlier days here. Today English teachers are a dime a dozen and the market is flooded and I have not made any effort to enter the fray. However, for 6-7 years prior to the pandemic I was the main organizer of the weekly (and sometimes semiweekly) informal "Language Exchange Club" meetings for English.

For the past 5 years I have co-taught Legal English along with an American lawyer at the University of Georgia. The emphasis was on discussion and specific lexicon vocabulary. I enjoyed this and can offer this privately. While I am not a lawyer I am intimately familiar with the terminology as well as many classic historical cases which are studied throughout the world. (In addition to the legal aspects of these cases some of them are interesting from an American Studies perspective as well.)

In the more distant past I volunteered as a conversational partner for graduate students from central and south America entering their programs at Oregon State.

A Note of Caution

The OSU graduate students were required to pass the ToEFL with a minimum score before entering the actual graduate programs. I should note that my conversation was just a small addition to their formal studies which were all day every day. Despite this intensive schedule as well as the immersion of living in an English speaking country they required a minimum of one 10 week term to succeed. Some required a second term. Don't fall for promises of quick short courses that will help you pass this exam or similar ones. Today there are plenty of tutors selling snake oil and making unrealistic promises. I offer this just as a caution with no personal vested interest since I do not claim to offer test prep.