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Problem Solution #4 - Physics - Cable/Boom

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Problem Solution #4 - Physics - Cable/Boom Statics Problem Opens in New Window

Projectile Motion Video - William Tell Problem

This problem solution video shows how to find the compression force in a boom supporting a cable. The forces are not all aligned nicely along the x and y axes so some trigonometry or vector analysis is required. This problem is typical for first-year university STEM physics courses (an by extension course that claim to be equivalent such as AP or IB programs). Similar problems often show up again for engineers in a separate statics course, which would be a first or second year general engineering course.

Like most problem solution videos the motivation came from a Facebook help group where this was posted. No other solutions were offered - other tutors and helpers tend not to respond to physics and choose only basic math problems to help with.

Problem solution videos are relatively short and address a specific problem. They do not offer general instruction on concepts or methods, my longer instructional videos do that.