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James (Jim) Frankenfield - Academic/Tutoring Library

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What's in the tutoring library? - Archived solutions of select problems, instructional videos, and exams with solutions.

I offer math tutoring, physics tutoring and engineering tutoring and courses through university level. (Specializing in high school, AP and A-Level, and university levels.) For details see the Tutoring pages.

Videos - Check this page for a list of videos I have posted on YouTube, or go to my channel there. I am new to making videos so don't expect much "pizzazz" or entertainment but if you are interested in the content they should be helpful to you. Some videos may have supporting materials available here on the website as well.

Problems with Solutions - I offer help on some of the Facebook help groups and I have written up and archived some of those solutions, as well as solutions to problems I have posted. This section also has my "Problem of the Day" and its archives.

Exams/Tests and Solutions - I plan to include some exams with solutions, including some I have given in courses and some which were given in various courses at universities I was involved with (but in courses I did not teach). I even have old exams which I took at RPI during my engineering studies. Some are ready to go but I have not yet had time to post them.