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Solved Problems

Check out my Problem of Day and its archives!

I post problems and solutions in this section. For now I have a few in the photos section of my tutoring Facebook page.

The problems posted in Facebook at this time come from helping on a few free help groups. You are free to post problems there for anyone to respond, I may or may not but somebody else may. (Be aware that some answers given there can range from unnecessarily long and complicated to outright wrong, although most are ok.) I choose problems that are interesting to me or that have not been answered by somebody else in most cases. I ignore requests seeking just answers to homework. These are private groups so you need to request to join but you should be able to. After all, they let me in!

The groups I am active on as of January 2022 are:

If you want to see my contributions in these groups you can search them for my last name.