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James (Jim) Frankenfield - About Me - Authority

Expertise - Experience - Authority - Trust

Is your tutor or teacher an authority in their field?

I am recognized as an authority in my fields of practice. I have experience and expertise in many areas but my primary fields of practice in which I am a recognized authority are seasonal snow and avalanche physics as well as education.

In the field of snow avalanches I have been a leading authority on personal risk management as well as technical projects for about 30 years. I've attended numerous international conferences and gatherings of both technical professionals and "practitioners" (such as guides, technicians and government analysts). At some of these I presented my own original work, both technical and applied. I have published scientific and practical papers and one book as well as a thesis many years ago. For the past 15 years I have offered related education online, developing this long before the advent of the AI 10 minute course creation followed by all the emphasis going into marketing. (This is not education!)

As an educator I have been invited to teach at several universities, including leading STEM programs. I have been recognized as an authority on the subjects I teach by strong students. The graduate courses I've taught were unique and requested because I am an authority in those areas. For one such course I wrote the textbook and a new edition of that graduate level math text is forthcoming as of early 2023.

When you look for a tutor you should consider whether they could be considered an authority in their field(s).